Dominar Diana

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After a brief consultation on your fitness goals, Diana will put together a programme that will whip, strip and spank you into shape.

With her demanding feminine charm, she will use over 20 years of leisure industry training and experience to train you in to shape. Even the most stubborn parts.

Using a variety of equipment from rubber resistance tubes to suspension training, your body will be worked in to submission and moulded in to form.

You may feel the effects of an hour with Diana for days, but the results could last a lot longer.    

To experience an hour of Mistress Diana's training comes at a price that reflects the uniqueness of her nature, the depth of her knowledge and experience, combined to create a package that is quite simply unparalleled.

For 150 you will have the personal training session you have always dreamed of.  Pushing you physically to your limits as you obediently strive to impress this empress of fitness.


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