Dominar Diana

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Dominar Diana

Dominar Diana is a drag queen who offers PT personal training in a Dominatrix fashion.

This no nonsense approach to personal training will quite literally whip you into shape and have your muscles begging for mercy.

You will worship at the feet of this knee high booted training transvestite as she puts you through your paces to transform your body to a slave that may be desired.

Neither a pre-op or Post-op Transsexual, Diana is an Empress in her own right, a Dominar, a mistress and as such will only train gentlemen.

Born and bred on the boarders of Kent and London in England, South East of the UK, this Kentish Maid is pure British class and style, with more than the average lady.

This is NOT a sexual service. Do not embarrass yourself or this Goddess by asking for sexual favours as they will not be received well.


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